With the release of a new hybrid meter, the taxi industry is on the brink of innovation.

The goal of the project was to reimagine how a new hybrid meter could still function as a standard meter while delivering the benefits of third-party applications and help declutter the driver’s dash. With a nod to the old and familiar, I created a vision of how this meter could integrate new technology and still adhere to state and federal regulations.


Wireframes, User Flows, Creative Concepts




Mapping out audience needs, content requirements and navigation.

The first two rounds are always the most enlightening, it's exciting to try new layouts and solve where each feature will be so the client can finally visualize what they've known in their head all along.

User Flows

Every action has an equal an opposite reaction.

Only by thinking out each interaction do you finally discover the simplest way forward. For this interaction, I took the two most common use cases and made sure each would require the least amounts of taps.

What I Delivered

By keeping the familiar taxi meter at the top, I was able to integrate flexible UI navigation on the left and allow a majority of the screen for third-party applications and important notifications. The end result is a seamless user experience that reduces the clutter of multiple devices and consolidates them into one.