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Built to Inspire, Excite & Embrace Audiences

The ask was to create a best-in-class ticketing and marketing experience that would help attract the next generation of Symphony lovers.

The entirety of the project included a complete redesign of marketing pages, better donation interface, single ticket purchasing, annual subscriptions for new and returning members, and create your own package experience with up-sell opportunities in cart.

Simplifying the Purchase path

In order to streamline the purchasing path, we compared other ticket buying platforms and came up with a simplified user experience that took into consideration the client’s business needs and simple usability.

XD Prototype

Define Parameters

With the growing number of mobile users each year, we put more focus on the mobile purchase path, that included both single ticket and subscriptions. We also used this opportunity to optimize our donation flow.

Ask the Right Questions

It was important to get both qualitative and quantitative data to not only see if the tasks could be completed, but understand what the user was feeling and thinking throughout their experience.


All users were able to find what they were looking for quickly and intuitively. There were no critical failures for any of the purchasing paths, however, we found that the micro-experience on the donation flow could use some simplification.

More Prototypes

Color & material

With the testing phase completed, and the rest of the wireframes ironed out, it was up to the creative team to put on the finishing touches.

Deep Purple


Golden Glow


Blue Earth